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Fast and Secured Shipping in all Products

Crista Necklace

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Color: Gold

Symbolically, the Cross links us to the heavens and the earth and with the spirits of the North, South, East, and West. The Crista Necklace, in cross-brushed 18k Gold Vermeil, will ground its wearer and bring forth a sense of self, connecting you to your inner knowing. The princess-cut Green Tourmaline at the heart of this pendant links the mind with the heart leading to a life of alignment.

Green Tourmaline is considered the ultimate stone for emotional healing; enhancing self-awareness and allowing you to understand your emotions at their roots. A masculine – or yang – counterpart to Pink Tourmaline, it encourages the mind to pursue the heart’s desire with a single-minded purpose. Green Tourmaline is a heart-warming gemstone that rejuvenates courage, strength, and vitality.

✦ Cable chain measures 16 inches with a 3.5-inch clasp ending / 18K Gold Vermeil

✦ Pendant measures .6 inches tall x .6 inches wide / Gold Vermeil + Green Tourmaline

* This item features a natural gemstone. Please note that there can be slight variations in the color and texturing of each stone - which makes every piece unique.