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Fast and Secured Shipping in all Products
Fast and Secured Shipping in all Products

led panel lights chandelier ceiling luminaria led AC85-265V hallway lamp LED ceiling lamp Ceiling Lamp Fixtures

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Original price $337.36 - Original price $459.48
Original price $337.36
$317.36 - $459.48
Current price $317.36


Photo shoot

Photographs of lamps and lanterns sold are taken in kind. Due to different factors such as photographic equipment, technology, angle, light and computer display, some chromatic aberrations may be caused. Please accept carefully purchasing by the relatives who can not accept the color difference problem. Please understand that such transaction disputes can not be used as the reason for returning the goods.
Delivery time
Delivery within 48 hours after payment is taken by the buyer. Special circumstances (statutory holidays/customization/product out-of-sale, etc.) will result in delayed delivery. Therefore, please consult the shop assistant before taking photos to see if the product is available, so as to avoid delaying your decoration period. Thank you
Damaged Reissue
Although our products are well packaged, due to the risk of long-distance transportation and distribution to third parties, extrusion of lamps and lanterns is unavoidable, especially glass lampshades. If you find that the lampshades or accessories are damaged when you receive the goods, please contact us immediately and bring the license of the damaged parts. We will send you the spare parts by express delivery. (Please make sure you don't refuse to sign.)
We will be responsible for our services and products. We will give you a satisfactory answer to any reasonable question. We have problems and we are willing to solve them.
All problems, if you have a more calm, frank and tolerant between you, try to think about each other, believe that any problem will be solved.
Freight note
Buyers pay two optional prepaid or.A: prepaid payment is buyers and sellers determine postage, the buyer will pay the postage paid by the factory plant, collecting courier company B: is to pay buyers direct payment to the courier company delivery of goods.
Payment method
Strongly recommend Alipay trading. Safe. Unable to use Alipay users can contact our bank remittance.
Transport description
General delivery has two ways: logistics, express delivery
The advantages of A: logistics freight is cheap, the deficiency is the time a little slower and want to go to pick up the cargo freight yard; logistics will be notified by telephone after, please ask the delivery address and telephone, and then take the identity card to the delivery of the consignee.
The advantage of B: express is fast transportation and door-to-door delivery. The drawback is that the freight is more expensive. So if delivery is not urgent, it is generally recommended to send logistics. Express delivery in principle (as in delivery area)
Transportation time
The following so-called transportation time only refers to the normal arrival time after delivery. However, due to a small number of unforeseen accidents, there may be delays occasionally. In this case, we promise to cooperate with enquiries, follow up and rush, but we can not guarantee them completely. Buyers can not take this as the basis for bad reviews and complaints.
Express delivery: generally within 5 days in cities above county level; 5-7 days in remote areas or villages. (Very few areas may not mention door-to-door delivery)
Logistics: the southern central provinces / area: direct transfer area of 1~3 days; 5 days;
The northern / Western Provinces: 5~7 days directly to the area; 7~10 days to transit areas.
If you haven't received the goods more than 8 days after delivery, please contact us in time for inquiry and follow-up.
after-sale service
Our commitment: two years of quality assurance. Starting from the date of purchase, products with electrical failure in normal use can be guaranteed for three years (except for light sources), and the scope of warranty is limited to maintenance or replacement of defective parts.
The following conditions can not enjoy the warranty service: A. power supply improper use, installation and damage caused by improper; B. use errors or inappropriate repair, modification caused by damage. C. Damage caused by incorrect or negligent use of inappropriate accessories. D. Damage caused by other accidents.
Lighting Installation
Warm reminder: lamps and lanterns belong to electrical products. To ensure safety, buyers are invited to hire professional electricians to guide the installation of lamps!!!

contact information
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