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Fast and Secured Shipping in all Products
Fast and Secured Shipping in all Products

living room bedroom balcony porch restaurant Ceiling Lamp Fixtures E27 led ceiling lamps Ceiling Ligting ceiling light fans

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Original price $289.60
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¥158.00   ¥115.00   ¥175.00   ¥128.00
modern simple bedroom lamp warm Round LED ceiling lamp creative study children's room lamp atmospheric living room lamp   creative geometric led suction lamp warm romantic bedroom lighting simple modern square dining room study lighting   home decoration bedroom lights warm romantic room lights creative fashion living room lights personalized flower-shaped study restaurant lights   post-modern bedroom lamp led simple dining room lamp personalized creative art living room Book Lamp Nordic creative chandelier
¥108.00   ¥148.00   ¥168.00   ¥235.00
round led ceiling lamp romantic bedroom lamp warm wedding room restaurant Book Lamp simple and atmospheric living room lamp   personalized ultra-thin and atmospheric led ceiling lamp creative rectangular living room lamp master bedroom dining room lamp simple and modern   round led living room lamp atmospheric ceiling lamp modern simple hall lamp warm romantic bedroom study lighting   living room light simple modern creative ceiling light bedroom light warm art dining room Hall lighting study lighting
¥428.00   ¥158.00   ¥145.00   ¥248.00
simple modern rectangular Chandelier Creative led dining chandelier office lamp personalized lattice chandelier bar table dining room lamp   personalized simple modern living room lamp rectangular atmospheric ceiling lamp creative warm black and white led bedroom lighting   ultra-thin 1.2 M led hall lights simple atmospheric rectangular living room lights creative bedroom lights fashion ceiling lights   ultra-thin acrylic lamps creative simple led ceiling lamp entrance entrance entrance cloakroom corridor lamp
¥168.00   ¥215.00   ¥268.00   ¥45.00
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Required for buyers
1. Please communicate with us before purchasing, and understand the shipping time and operation mode clearly. If you are not willing to communicate, please read the product description carefully, and then buy it after you have a clear understanding.
2. Please check the damage as soon as possible when receiving the goods. If you have any questions, please contact us as soon as possible and submit photos. We will make solutions in time. Lamps and glass products are fragile goods. After a long period of time, the responsibility for damage is difficult to determine. Therefore, the damage after more than 24 hours after the goods are mentioned, we will charge fees at the cost price to assist in reissuing. Hope and thank you for your understanding

Warm prompt
1. Some color differences will be caused due to camera shooting skills and light or the resolution of the display. However, we guarantee that they are all taken in kind, (the actual lighting effect is more beautiful than the picture) if the color requirements are strict, please consider carefully to avoid unpleasant transactions.
2, because it is, except for a few products, most products are basically. Therefore, please contact the delivery time of Wangwang first when ordering. Generally, it takes 5-10 days to ship the products (sometimes some styles are available and can be shipped within 2 days). The delivery time plus the time spent on the freight is the time you need from ordering to receiving the products. So please master the order time. So as not to delay your decoration period.
3. Please pay attention to the progress of the goods after delivery. If you have not received the goods ten days after delivery, please contact us in time. After receiving the goods, if you have any questions about the products, please communicate with us in time and we will help you solve the problem in time. If you receive the product, please confirm it in time. If there is anything missing, please forgive me.
4. Wear gloves when installing lamps, otherwise fingerprints will be left on lamps, which will easily cause dust accumulation and affect the brightness and beauty of lamps.
5. For the sake of safety, we suggest that buyers hire professional electricians to install lamps and lanterns.

Sign in instructions
1. Good communication is the way to solve transaction disputes. After receiving the goods, if the customer finds any problems, please contact us by phone or leave a message in time, and we will provide you with a solution. We firmly oppose the behavior of not communicating, not reflecting problems, blindly making medium and negative comments, and once found, we will complain with "malicious comments.
2. No damage after receiving the goods, please confirm the payment in time. For customers who are not sure to pay 48 hours after receiving the goods, we will regard them as giving up all after-sales services automatically.

type of shipping
Our products are shipped by default (customers are required to bring the owner's ID card to pick up the goods themselves). Generally, the southern, central and coastal areas can be reached within 3-5 days. It takes about 5-8 days to arrive in areas far away from the west and north and a few areas that need secondary transit. If affected by unpredictable factors (weather and road conditions), the arrival time limit and delivery location of our store are for reference only. If you need express delivery, the delivery fee will be paid. The packaging of this product is relatively large. Buyers outside Jianyi province try their best to choose logistics freight, because logistics freight is relatively cheap. Thank you!
As lamps and lanterns are fragile and do not accept surface mail, only logistics transportation is adopted. Unless otherwise specified.
Express delivery: suitable for lighter products. Moderate freight, door-to-door delivery, convenient and fast. It can be reached all over the country.
Logistics and Transportation: suitable for multiple or large products, with low freight, safe and affordable. Need buyers own pickup.
We will contact you in time to inform you of the change of logistics company lines and occasionally make a decision when some listed addresses are no longer available.

Transportation time
The following so-called shipping time only refers to the normal arrival time after our shipment. However, due to very few unpredictable accidents, delays may occasionally occur. In this case, we promise to fully cooperate with inquiry, follow-up and urging, but we cannot fully guarantee that buyers cannot use this as the basis for negative comments and complaints.
Express delivery: generally within 5 days in cities above the county level; 5-7 days in remote areas or villages. (Very few areas may not mention door-to-door delivery)
logistics: Central/Southern provinces: 1-3 days for direct access; About 5 days for transit areas;
northern/Western provinces: 5-7 days for direct access to regions; 7-10 days for transit regions.
If the goods have not been received more than 8 days after delivery, please contact us in time for inquiry and follow-up

About evaluation

small Business, integrity management, no matter if you encounter any problems contact online customer service, please do not make any negative comments, otherwise no after-sales service. Thank you.