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Fast and Secured Shipping in all Products
Fast and Secured Shipping in all Products

modern chandelier ceiling ceiling chandelier light ceiling Bedside Aluminum ceiling lights ceiling lamp ceiling light fans

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Original price $290.00 - Original price $305.60
Original price $290.00
$270.00 - $285.60
Current price $270.00

The freight of our store is a fixed Template. The default freight of the system is the freight set according to the product size. Due to the different sizes and weights of lamps, the actual freight of the small size is not that high. Please contact Customer Service to change the freight if you have selected it.h2+Xif2nxdR3mZ01XMtoQLkDS5n+7pTSmeXm


First of all, I would like to thank all my dear netizens for their attention and love to us. We will sincerely offer you high-quality and affordable products and services, hoping to bring you a satisfactory and pleasant online shopping experience.

In order to avoid unnecessary troubles and misunderstandings in the process of purchasing lamps, please read and understand our product sales rules carefully before purchasing. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service. The customer service will be patient and give you detailed answers.

Picture shooting

The pictures of lamps and lanterns sold are all taken in kind. Due to different factors such as photographic equipment, technology, angle, light and computer display, some color differences may be caused in the pictures. Please be cautious if you cannot accept the color difference problem. Please understand that such transaction disputes cannot be used as the reason for returning the goods.

delivery time

The buyer will deliver the goods within 48 hours after the payment. Special circumstances (legal holidays, customized products, and out-of-stock hot products) may lead to delayed delivery. Therefore, please consult the salesperson of our factory if the product is available before taking the order, so as not to delay your decoration period. Thank you.

Damaged Reissue

Although the packaging of our products is very strong, due to the delivery to the third party for long-distance transportation and distribution, there are certain risks, and it is inevitable to squeeze the lamps, especially the lampshades of glass products, if you find that the lampshade or accessories are damaged when you receive the goods, please contact us immediately and provide photos of the damaged accessories. We will send the delivered accessories to you.

We will be responsible for our services and products. We will give you satisfactory answers to any reasonable questions. If problems arise, we are still willing to solve them.

If we have more calmness, honesty and tolerance to each other, we should try to think differently and believe that any problem will be solved.

Freight description

Buyers can choose two payment methods: prepayment or withdrawal. A: prepayment means that after the buyer and the seller confirm the postage, the buyer first pays the postage to our factory, which will collect the postage and pay it to the express company. B: prepayment means that the buyer directly pays to the express company when the goods are delivered.

Payment method
We strongly recommend Alipay transactions. Safe and secure. Users who cannot use Alipay can contact our bank for remittance.

Transport instructions
Generally, there are two ways to deliver goods: logistics and express delivery.

A: the advantage of logistics is that the freight is cheap, but the disadvantage is that the time is A little slower and you have to pick up the goods at the freight yard by yourself; The logistics will be notified by phone when the goods arrive. Please ask the buyer for A clear delivery address and phone number, then take the consignee's ID card to pick up the goods.

B: express delivery has the advantages of fast transportation and door-to-door delivery, while the disadvantage is that the freight is relatively expensive. Therefore, if the delivery is not urgent, it is generally recommended to send the logistics. In principle, express delivery is delivered to the door (if it is within the scope of delivery)

after-sales service
our factory promises: two-year warranty. From the date of purchase, if the product has electrical failure problems under normal use, it can obtain three-year warranty service (except light source), and the warranty scope is limited to repair or replace the defective parts.

You cannot enjoy warranty service under the following circumstances:
A. damage caused by improper use and installation of power supply;
B. Damage caused by incorrect use or improper repair or modification.
C. Damage caused by wrong or careless use of inappropriate accessories.
D. Damage caused by other accidents.

Lamp installation
Warm Tip: all lamps and lanterns of our factory are attached with finished product renderings. Lamps and lanterns are electrical products. To ensure safety, please hire professional electricians to guide the installation of lamps and lanterns!!!