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Fast and Secured Shipping in all Products
Fast and Secured Shipping in all Products

nordic lamparas de techo living room bedroom cafe hotel Bedside Aluminum ceiling lights luminaria ceiling light fans

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Original price $293.00 - Original price $483.60
Original price $293.00
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LED lamps modern simple children's room ceiling lamp creative flower personality starfish boys and girls bedroom lamp   warm romantic master bedroom lamp round LED ceiling lamp creative living room lamp simple modern wrought iron Book Lamp   LED ceiling lamp living room lamp rectangular simple modern acrylic lamp overbook iron remote control bedroom lighting   master bedroom lamp warm romantic wedding room led ceiling lamp modern simple book room lamp creative petal restaurant lamp
¥158.00   ¥115.00   ¥175.00   ¥128.00
modern simple bedroom lamp warm Round LED ceiling lamp creative study children's room lamp atmospheric living room lamp   creative geometric led suction lamp warm romantic bedroom lighting simple modern square dining room study lighting   home decoration bedroom lights warm romantic room lights creative fashion living room lights personalized flower-shaped study restaurant lights   post-modern bedroom lamp led simple dining room lamp personalized creative art living room Book Lamp Nordic creative chandelier
¥108.00   ¥148.00   ¥168.00   ¥235.00
round led ceiling lamp romantic bedroom lamp warm wedding room restaurant Book Lamp simple and atmospheric living room lamp   personalized ultra-thin and atmospheric led ceiling lamp creative rectangular living room lamp master bedroom dining room lamp simple and modern   round led living room lamp atmospheric ceiling lamp modern simple hall lamp warm romantic bedroom study lighting   living room light simple modern creative ceiling light bedroom light warm art dining room Hall lighting study lighting
¥428.00   ¥158.00   ¥145.00   ¥248.00
simple modern rectangular Chandelier Creative led dining chandelier office lamp personalized lattice chandelier bar table dining room lamp   personalized simple modern living room lamp rectangular atmospheric ceiling lamp creative warm black and white led bedroom lighting   ultra-thin 1.2 M led hall lights simple atmospheric rectangular living room lights creative bedroom lights fashion ceiling lights   ultra-thin acrylic lamps creative simple led ceiling lamp entrance entrance entrance cloakroom corridor lamp
¥168.00   ¥215.00   ¥268.00   ¥45.00
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 our freight is a fixed template, and the system automatically calculates. Due to different sizes and weights of lamps and lanterns, there may be deviation in express freight. If you have any questions, please contact Customer Service to change the freight so as not to cause misunderstanding.


After receiving the purchased goods, if you have any questions, please contact us by phone or message in time, and we will solve them properly. We firmly oppose the behavior of not communicating, not reflecting problems and blindly making medium and negative comments. Once found, all complaints will be made with "malicious evaluation.


1: buyers should carefully read the product description and postage description to avoid unnecessary troubles and misunderstandings, respect each other's labor achievements and avoid not buying the product.

2: Delivery upon payment or Alipay transaction, we will deliver the goods in time after receiving your payment

if you need bank payment, please contact me and get the bank card number.

3: Please remit money as soon as possible and contact customer service.

All the lamps and lanterns in our store have been marked. Please don't bargain

about pictures all the pictures of our products are taken in kind. Due to the color difference of each monitor, the color of the products is subject to the real product.

Lamp installation lamps and lanterns belong to electrical products. To ensure safety, please install them under the guidance of electricians.
Payment method in order to ensure more security for buyers and sellers, we recommend using Alipay transaction, that is, taking a payment on Taobao to complete the transaction. If you do not have Alipay, you can also contact the owner to negotiate other payment methods.

The delivery time is within 48 hours after payment, and the scheduled payment is 3-15 days.

Transportation mode lamps and lanterns are fragile and cannot be sent by surface mail. They can be sent by express delivery. Generally, cities can arrive in 3-5 days.

Freight bear the profit of our store is very small, the buyer bears the freight, please forgive me.


after-sales service
Our factory promises: two-year warranty. From the date of purchase, if the product has electrical failure problems under normal use, it can obtain three-year warranty service (except light source), and the warranty scope is limited to repair or replace the defective parts.


You cannot enjoy warranty service under the following circumstances:
A. damage caused by improper use and installation of power supply;
B. Damage caused by incorrect use or improper repair or modification.
C. Damage caused by wrong or careless use of inappropriate accessories.
D. Damage caused by other accidents.

Description of goods acceptance

Transportation damage method:
1. The risk of damage in transportation shall be borne by us! It is good that we deliver the goods to you! However, the premise is that when you sign for the goods, you must first open the box for inspection before signing for the goods. If any damage is found during the inspection, please contact us on the spot (18928115803)!

2. Signing for it means that the goods have arrived in your hands in good condition! Please be careful to sign for it! We are fully responsible for the damage found when signing for it: free of postage and accessories fee to make up the spare parts for you in the past!
3. If you sign without looking at the goods, if you find the damage after signing, it is the customer's responsibility! If the damage is found only after you sign for it, please contact us within 48 hours after you sign for it, take photos and send them to us, and we will repair them for you. The accessories are yes, but the freight paid in the past is paid by the Mail buyer!
4. If you have any problems after receiving the goods, please contact us within 48 hours to solve them! Starting from the date of receipt, if there is no objection 48 hours after receipt, the default product has arrived intact. If it takes 48 hours to find the problem, I will not be responsible! Please forgive me!!